Dragon crystal necklace



Across the globe for centuries, we have all been fascinated with many stories of dragons! These creatures are often used in Asia, symbolizing different mythology and folklore. The dragon is known to be fierce, strong and powerful! Some cultures believe that dragons come to us to offer guidance during a journey, whether it be spiritual or physical. Dragons are known for transformation of all forms.
In Hebrew culture, Yahweh (also known as God), is sometimes implied to be a dragon warrior. In studies such as Buddhism and Taoism, dragons are respected and worshiped for bringing rain to Earth people. Dragon mythology does not stop in Asia, but spreads its wings over Europe! In Europe, dragons are depicted as huge fire breathing beasts. The dragon in Europe is known to be a prehistoric dinosaur style creature with wings and claws and Europeans associate these dragons with anger or envy. Similar to that of Asian cultures, the European dragon is also symbolized as great strength. Asian cultures associated the dragon with both the yin and the yang. Dragons embody both the dark, coolness as well as the heat, action and fire!
As a Chinese tradition, a parade through the streets is taken place during the lunar New Year. Chinese people are seen galvanizing in a line with big, bright structures above them to resemble a dragon!
During times of war, samurai warriors were shown wearing armor with dragons for protection and power. Dragons were often found on any type of armor including helmets, swords and more!
Most Asian homes have dragon decor, anywhere from huge pictures, carved rafters to miniature figurines. In Korea, the temples have many dragons up in the rafters, acting as a messenger to bring the prayers to the heavens.

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